Monday, February 16, 2009

The Curious Layman's view

In Malaysia, it seems, the ability of people to fall for simple tricks just make it a ripe market for the plucking by snake-oil merchants. Everything from energy water, to quantum pendants and even magic crystals.

Sure sure, you may say that this happens everywhere, but I'm going to be focusing on my experiences here. Of course I will also share what i find on related matters abroad... 

Basically, it is my intention to help people nip this habit of relying on ignorance as their excuse to latch on to a product because it "may" work. Not because it works, just that it "may".

Not being critical of something will guarantee that you inadvertently fund the snake-oil industry in one way or another.

The worst part is not just falling for these scams, but allowing that non-critical mentality into your friends, kids and others.

Our biggest sin here would not be our indulgence in ignorance and the bliss it provides, but our inability to protect the next generation from being able to defend themselves against this simple non-critical mindset and its flaws.

The world is changing. The information is literally at our fingertips.

Bliss be damned.

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