Sunday, March 8, 2009

Enzymes - Whats the craze about?


Hardly any health nut Ive met doesn't know what it is.
I mean... has not at least heard about it.

Those that know what it is? very few really.

One thing we do very well in Malaysia is quote others.
You see, it takes away the mundane task of doing any homework yourself.

Everywhere i look now, from the curry mee lady in the Tg Bungah market, to the folks sitting around me in the office... all i hear is "make enzyme!" "take enzyme" "enzyme is good for you" etc... heck, some even sell the stuff now...

...but none, I repeat... NOT ONE person can tell me why these new enzyme supplements are good for you.
HELL, not a single one can even come close to telling me what enzymes ARE in the first place.

Here we are in an advanced society with information at our fingertips, yet we let the alt-nutrition folks lead us around with pseudo-scientific nonsense like buffaloes tugged by nose rings.

I am disappointed that many of these people are well educated folks. Their flaws in wanting a quick cure or their fear of "missing out" on something no matter how much like bullshit it smells really makes you wonder: How can they justify these things to themselves?

By the very act of practicing, you are giving it more credibility then it deserves.
There are even some that openly tell you that there is no real effect, but they want to use it like a juice or something of the like...that is how much the fear of "possibly missing out" is ingrained in these people.

Whatever reasons you give yourself, you are still guilty of propagating a practice that is both pointless, and misleading. You endanger the minds of those that look up to you by saying its ok to act outside of better judgements.

So, after that rant...what is an enzyme?

An enzyme is just a kind of protein that has a catalytic role in some situations like the original environment it existed in. The problem with this, is that once it is not functioning as an enzyme, it is nothing more than regular protein.

When consumed, the body breaks down these proteins into the amino acid building blocks that make them up so that they may be consumed. Any function that it may have had as an enzyme is going to be lost at this point.

If you do not understand what that means, you should not be promoting enzyme based supplementary products.



  1. bro - somebody decided to push you their enzyme products ah? :)

  2. Hmmm i didn't know you`ve started witting ... nice. and about enzymes... no i dont even pay heed to this multi-lvl marketing products :P


  3. and dude change your comment posting protocol its kinda annoying for it to force us to sign in to sum shits before i can comment.. :(

  4. and also the word verification...gawd LOL

  5. Haha, Thanks sasi. Done as you advised...except of course for the word verification. That bit im leaving in intentionally.

    And no, its not a matter of people try to sell me their stuff.

    Its mostly me deciding to toss apathy aside.

    Malaysians are gullible enough as it is. Doesn't anyone care what kind of an environment we are leaving our kids anymore?

    I'm realize stopping scam merchants are hard, nearly impossible directly. The drive of either a quick $ or easy solutions is a terrible one.

    I can however help convince people to use their brains before falling for scams.

    Ill do my part.

  6. Dude, ranting on what is an enzyme.... whyler .... try stem cells for your next post .... there are new supplementary products for stem cells as Obama mentioned ... :)

  7. Hmm, cracking down on gullible Malaysian folk eh. Good, but treat them like children that don't know any better yah?

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  10. Chill Fonzy...
    Most of the new stuff still stuck on draft... once i'm a little less stuffed in the office ill post up. Cheers man.

    If you are also against pseudoscience, try talking to the proponents of it ;)