Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Supplements: More harm than good?

An article in the Guardian recently talks about supplements and focuses on an example where antioxidants went from being an interesting scientific observation to super miracle supplement in a really short time.

We can understand from the antioxidant story how something 'assumed' can immediately be euphemistically used, mangled and quote-mined in order to make the public feel they are missing out on something grand.

Article is here:
"More harm than good?"

Malaysians in particular, please take heed, as we sure are familiar enough with supplements:
That survey puts the number at 52% of Malaysians.

As the article in the guardian shows: not understanding what you consume could easily make you one of the gullible folks forking out money for hyped up rumours of health, and then shoving them down the throat of your kids, loved ones and yourself... in the process telling them that its OK to pop pills with no effects as its a simple way to feel like you have done yourself some good.

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